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Lifeline Copse 2x2 6-Point FIA Harness

Lifeline Copse 2x2 6-Point FIA Harness

The Lifeline Copse 2x2 6-Point Harness includes many of our favorite features found on more expensive pro-level harnesses. This 2" belt is compatible with a HANS or FHR (Frontal Head Restraint) device.

The Copse is built with 2" shoulder belts, 2" lap belts, T-bar sub strap, and a lightweight buckle. The 2" shoulder belts make HANS use safer and more comfortable with optimal fitment on the HANS yoke. Shoulder and lap belts are pull-down and include large pull tabs for a superior grip with driving gloves. The lap adjuster is higher up and closer to the cam buckle so it won't get lost in the seat or fall through the hole. A Velcro strip is also included for your hydration hose. This belt includes the snap-in and bolt-in ends for each belt. However, our preferred shoulder belt install would be as a wrap-around to a harness bar.

The cam-lock buckle is designed for a very positive connection and a heavy-duty spring for a faster release. This spring design pushes the latches out of the buckle with more force than in other harnesses, giving you more freedom when extricating the seat. The lap belt latches have also been designed to optimize your time during driver changes.

The Copse belts meet the very latest FIA standards for competition harnesses (Homologation: FIA 8853-2016). FIA testing now includes a 70G frontal hit and a 30 degree offset hit. Certification is for 5 years from date of manufacture.

Available in Black, Blue, or Red color.

Made in the UK.

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