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Toyota GT86/FRS GEN 1 Roll Bar

Toyota GT86/FRS GEN 1 Roll Bar


Now Available! The Walker Pro Motorsport roll bar for the Gen 1 GT86 sets the standard for the chassis. Modeled after our 991/992 roll bar with set back harness bar to allow the seats to sit further back while maintaining acceptable harness angles for a wide range of driver heights up to 6'4" with a racing seat.

Similar to the OEM BMW GTS cages the WPM GT86 bar comes with a pair of weld in base plates that are placed and welded to the chassis to provide a bolt on mounting location for the main hoop. This allows us to offer a true connection to the chassis utilzing more than a single M8 stud or riv-nuts. Pads are welded securely onto the OEM side impact beam and rear frame rails for maximum strength and the roll bar then bolts to the installed plates. The plates are low profile and can be covered with OEM interior panels in the event the bar needs to be removed


-TIG welded construction utilizing Docol R8 tubing in 1.75x.095 and 1.5x.083
-Utilizes weld in main hoop base plates to allow for secure mounting to the chassis at the factory side impact beam. Plates are smpl
-Rear baseplates attach to the wheel tub and rear shock top hat for maximum increase in rigidity.

-Powdercoated to customer spec included.

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